Post Ten Series and Routine Follow Ups

After completing the Ten Series, you will feel transformed, revitalized, and reacquainted with your body. You’ll discover a new mind-body awareness and walk away feeling physically freer and more balanced. But sometimes you need a little extra love.

Routine Follow Ups

When you own a car, you take it to the body shop every few months for a tune up. Think of routine follow ups like maintenance for your body to keep it feeling great and moving well. You can use these structural integration sessions like a massage, as part of your self-care routine. But unlike a massage, the results from a structural integration session will last you much longer.

Post Ten Series

Lauren Keller Structural Integration approaches post ten series sessions with an eye for the individual’s problems. Whereas ten series work usually follows a specific recipe, post ten series sessions are there to fine tune and address any issues that remain in the body or individual problems that weren’t covered in the ten series. For example, if you’d like to refine vitality as an athlete, or have experienced a traumatic injury that can’t be addressed in the ten series alone, these advanced sessions are right for you.

The advanced sessions will address anything that is still remaining out of alignment. While the ten series is designed to give the body its length by working with the fascial network, advanced sessions address major rotations in the extremities and correct individual structural imbalances. This is when the work starts to become very customized based on your alignment.

Advanced Biomechanics of Alignment: A Biotensegrity Approach

By adapting the advanced technique of Liz Gaggini from advanced Rolfer (and mentee of Liz) Aimee Kolsby, the advanced biometrics of alignment approach will help you achieve your individual goal by addressing any remaining imbalances post ten series.

Think of your body like a bridge. A bridge distributes the weight of the entire body of the structure evenly. Because our bodies are imbalanced, it is our job to redistribute that balance evenly throughout the entirety of our structure. A Biotensegrity Approach, which is part of the Advanced Biomechanics of Alignment and Structural Integration, uses the principles of connective tissue adaptability and tensegrity mechanics to help you rebalance the weight-load distribution evenly throughout the whole body.

Lauren Keller Structural Integration, using this approach, will address the following in post ten series work:

  • Natural Alignment
  • Pelvic and Shoulder Girdle Asymmetry
  • Appendicular Counter-Rotations
  • Spinal Bio-Tensegrity Mechanics
  • Cranial Asymmetries

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