Covid-19 Safety Protocol

To ensure the safety of all present and to give you peace of mind during your next visit, please review the following Covid-19 safety measures.

The Basics

Face masks are required to be worn by the practitioner and the client at all times. Face masks must cover both the nose & mouth. No exceptions.

Your temperature will be checked every session upon entry.

Both practitioner and client must hand sanitize before and after sessions.

How I'm Working to Keep My Space Safe

  • Practitioner has received both vaccinations as of 3/15/21.
  • Practitioner gets routine Covid-19 tests.
  • Windows are open 24/7 for better air flow.
  • HEPA grade air filter running in room at all times.
  • Fresh sheets/pillow cases provided for each client.
  • Vinyl pillow cases cover all pillows.
  • Table, surfaces, and props are all sanitized between sessions.
  • There is a 30 minute buffer between sessions to sanitize the space and air out the room, so please remember to stick to your scheduled time slot.
  • Essential oil humidifier running in the room: This makes air unfavorable for airborne pathogens. (Please notify practitioner if you have any sensitivity to diffuser or any particular oils)
  • Practitioner only works when feeling healthy and has no reason to suspect exposure.

Client Protocol

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before and after session.
  • Wear face mask covering both nose & mouth at all times.
  • Practice social distancing.
  • Notify practitioner prior to session of any recent travel or large gatherings of 10+ people.
  • Please do not come in if you have symptoms or suspect that you have been exposed to COVID-19.


If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out.