Frequently Asked Questions

What is Structural Integration (SI)?

Structural Integration, also known as the Rolf Method of Structural Integration, is a holistic system of bodywork that combines soft tissue manipulation and movement education to restore the body to its natural state of alignment and balance. This method revolves around the belief that by lengthening, restoring, and reorganizing the fascia, the connective tissue matrix of the body, you may re-align the body in relation to the field of gravity. A central Structural Integration principle is that an integrated body is self-organizing, and when given the proper input (structural manipulation, nervous system down-regulation, and movement/postural education), misalignment, tension, and pain tends to change or even disappear.

How does it differ from massage?

Structural Integration is less about relaxing and is more centered around permanently realigning the fascial network within the whole of the body. In other words, SI requires active participation on the clients part, not passive. You will be viewed from a global lens, not local. This work takes into account the physical structure, physiological function, as well as emotional well being and thought patterns held within the body.

How does it differ from Chiropractic?

Chiropractic focuses on bones while Structural Integration or Rolfing focuses on fascia or connective tissue. The high velocity adjustments experienced in chiropractic creates change -by- chiropractors whereas the changes achieved through Structural Integration are only possible -with- collaborative effort between both practitioner and client. Structural Integrator's intention is to provide client with lasting changes through the ten series and encourages client's independence and autonomy with the exception of tune ups and maintenance as needed post-series.

What is Fascia?

Fascia surrounds and supports all of the muscles, bones, and organs in your body in continuous web-like layers. This fascial net, or connective tissue matrix, is the body's internal system of flexible support - giving it strength and shape. The fascial system responds to injury, chronic tension and habitual movement patterns by shortening from both the forces of gravity and the mechanical forces of habitual movement patterns.

How much is a session?

Sessions are $200 each.

How long is each session?

Initial Session is 105 minutes; all sessions are 90 minutes after that.

What should I wear?

Women are recommended to wear either a sports bra, bandeau or two-piece bathing suit top and either underwear or loose fitted shorts that will allow access to the hips.

Men are recommended to wear either boxers/briefs or loose fitted shorts that allow access to the hips.

Non-Binary or Gender Non-conforming clients are encouraged to wear whatever is most comfortable for them that will allow most access to areas in need of attention.

*Please do not apply lotion prior to your appointment
*Drink plenty of water prior to your appointment.

How often should I schedule appointments?

Sessions can be completed as often as twice a week, once a week, every other week or once monthly.

After my ten series, how often should I come back?

Upon completion of a basic ten series, I recommend that you allow a period of time for the body to fully integrate the changes before seeking out additional work. This is referred to as the “unwinding” period. Similarly to that of a car, your body needs routine maintenance to perform at its most optimal that is why it is important to schedule “tune-ups" as needed post-series.

How long do the effects last?

The effects of the Ten Series and of Post-Ten work are unique to each individual dependent on their trauma/injuries/herstory and physical life-styles. It is believed that the integrative changes achieved through the series may last for many months or even several years. After years in practice it is my belief that lasting change requires a level of self-awareness around individual habits and application of knowledge obtained throughout the treatment. This intentional shift in awareness is the application of "Integration".

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