Ten Series

The Ten Series of Structural Integration is a systematic approach corrects imbalance and addresses each area of the body one layer at a time.

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Post Ten Series

Every body needs a tune up. The Post Ten-Series work is a chance to explore your body with even more depth and attention to detail. Keep the momentum going.

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Rates & Policies

Interested in the ten series or post ten series sessions? Learn more about the rates and policies associated with Lauren Keller Structural Integration.

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Since 1993

Is The Rolf Method of Structural Integration Right For You?

Are you experiencing back pain, bad posture, or physical problems due to past injuries? If left untreated, these imbalances in your body can not only exacerbate your pain, but also restrict the movements in your body. Imbalance can become a habit, prohibiting you from moving freely and naturally. The Rolf method of structural integration, can fix that.

Structural integration therapy can help release tight connective tissue, or fascia, creating space around your joints and helping to restore you to a normal, pain-free range of motion. This holistic treatment is a hands on therapy that can improve your balance, flexibility, and whole body alignment, while also potentially improving your mental health.

"When the body gets working appropriately, the forces of gravity can flow through, then spontaneously, the body heals itself. " -Dr. Ida P. Rolf

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