Client Testimonials

Lauren provides a safe, comfortable, and knowledgable environment for her clients. From longterm relief from chronic back pain to sports injuries treatment to better endurance, mobility, and posture, learn what clients are saying about Lauren Keller Structural Integration.

Rosemarie Mule, Dental Office Administration

“I had many years of pain and depression with a back injury I suffered in 1993. When Lauren started treatment I was at my wits end, and desperate for relief. Her techniques and patience made therapy a pleasurable and enjoyable experience. Today I am stronger and more comfortable in my body then I have ever dreamed possible.”

Gabriel Hogan, UFC Fighter

Professional service, friendly environment. If you're all messed up she's the woman to go to if you want to get put back together. After the first session of the 10 series I immediately noticed an improvement in my posture and the way I was walking. By the second session I was making more progress than the last.”

Kat McPhillips, Medical Assistant

“Positive, professional, and comfortable environment. After just one session I could already feel the difference in both my mind and body. Lauren is entirely devoted to each of her patients and genuinely cares about helping you. I would definitely recommend starting a series with her!”

Allison Carter, Cosmetologist

I had the privilege to work with Lauren Keller. I had a total of 10 Rolfing sessions. I happen to not be very flexible and my body tends to be very tight. With just a few sessions with Lauren, I had much more mobility and movement. Not to mention I learned how to properly sit, stand,hold my head,and have more freedom in my movement when I walked. Lauren was extremely knowledgeable and would explain clearly each session what we were going to do and why. Lauren made me feel very comfortable from the first session. It’s been several weeks months my last session and I still have more mobility and am more conscious of my walk, my stance and my breathing. I highly recommend this type of treatment and Lauren Keller is one of the best to do it.”

William Tabone, Spa Manager

“When I started Structural Integration, I thought I had decent posture, but quickly learned that I was really holding tension in parts of my body I didn't even fully realize I was using in my daily movements. Having completed a ten series with Lauren, the difference is truly incredible. My gait has a much healthier and confident flow, I feel stronger, and have better endurance because now I'm moving my body in a much more efficient way, and these results have spread into the non-physical aspects of my life, too. I feel much more in tune with my body and this has been incredibly helpful in advancing my spiritual life and practices. This is an amazing type of bodywork and I would absolutely recommend this if you want to feel truly grounded in your body, experience less tension throughout your daily life, learn better posture, and overall how to better care for yourself. “

Amanda Rivera, Bloomingdales Associate

“I have always had chronic feet issues partly due to working in the retail and food industry, however a few months ago I had fallen down a set of stairs which made my pain unbearable. I was recommended to see Lauren, where she explained to me thoroughly what Structural Integration was and how it can affect change within my body as well as mentally. Her office is very clean and has a nice ambiance. For each session, she explains what she is targeting and why. There are parts of my body that I have not paid attention to and she brings them to light, thus proving that everything is integrated. Since completing the series with Lauren I am more aware of the everyday habits that contribute to poor alignment and how to improve my stance. I am super grateful for taking her sessions and highly recommend working with her!”